Dr. Louise Arnal


PhD, 2019: Environmental Science, University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom.

MSc, 2014: Hydrology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

BSc, 2012: Earth Sciences, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France.


2020-present: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan, Canmore, Alberta, CANADA.

2014-2019: Scientist, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading, United Kingdom.

Short Bio

Louise is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Global Water Futures at the University of Saskatchewan in Canmore. Her research focuses on advancing the science and practice of ensemble hydrological forecasting. She has published her work in leading international journals, including Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Geoscience Communication and Journal of Hydrometeorology. As an artist and scientist, Louise aims to further science engagement through the fusion of science and art. Louise is an active member of the HEPEX global community in hydrological ensemble prediction and a co-curator of the ConciliARTe science and art space.


Lavers David A. and 12 others, 2020: A Vision for Hydrological Prediction. Atmosphere, doi: 10.3390/atmos11030237

Arnal Louise, Anspoks Liz, Manson Susan, Neumann Jessica, Norton Tim, Stephens Elisabeth, Wolfenden Louise, Cloke Hannah Louise, 2019: “Are we talking just a bit of water out of bank? Or is it Armageddon?” Front line perspectives on transitioning to probabilistic fluvial flood forecasts in England. Geoscience Communication Discussions, doi: 10.5194/gc-2019-18

Arnal Louise, Cloke Hannah L., Stephens Elisabeth, Wetterhall Fredrik, Prudhomme Christel, Neumann Jessica, Krzeminski Blazej, Pappenberger Florian, 2018: Skilful seasonal forecasts of streamflow over Europe?. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, doi: 10.5194/hess-22-2057-2018

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Neumann Jessica, Arnal Louise, Magnusson Linus, Cloke Hannah, 2018: The 2013/14 Thames Basin Floods: Do Improved Meteorological Forecasts Lead to More Skillful Hydrological Forecasts at Seasonal Time Scales?. Journal of Hydrometeorology, doi: 10.1175/JHM-D-17-0182.1

Neumann Jessica L., Arnal Louise, Emerton Rebecca E., Griffith Helen, Hyslop Stuart, Theofanidi Sofia, Cloke Hannah L., 2018: Can seasonal hydrological forecasts inform local decisions and actions? A decision-making activity. Geoscience Communication, doi: 10.5194/gc-1-35-2018

Arnal Louise, Wood Andrew W., Stephens Elisabeth, Cloke Hannah L., Pappenberger Florian, 2017: An Efficient Approach for Estimating Streamflow Forecast Skill Elasticity. Journal of Hydrometeorology, doi: 10.1175/JHM-D-16-0259.1

Arnal Louise, Ramos Maria-Helena, Coughlan de Perez Erin, Cloke Hannah L., Stephens Elisabeth, Wetterhall Fredrik, van Andel Schalk Jan, Pappenberger Florian, 2016: Willingness-to-pay for a probabilistic flood forecast: a risk-based decision-making game. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., doi: 10.5194/hess-20-3109-2016

Science Engagement

Science & Art exhibition Gambling with Floods?, The Museum of English Rural Life (The MERL), Reading, UK, November 2019

IMPREX flood online serious game

HEPEX serious game Pay For a Forecast

Dr. Louise Arnal

Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Hydrology, Coldwater Laboratory


We seek to improve understanding and predictions of hydrological processes at scales from hillslopes to continents

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