International visitors

International visitors

May 11, 2020 | by: Wouter Knoben

As we enter our third month of social distancing, it is nice to remember the wonderful international visitors to the lab over the past year. The Coldwater Lab is normally a buzzing hub of activity. Being close to a major international airport (Calgary), we have plenty of interaction between those who work at the lab and those fortunate enough to visit us for a while. In these times of social distancing and limited travel, we look back on the illustrious visitors to the lab in the past 9 months or so.

Berit Arheimer, who is currently head of the Unit for Hydrological Research at SMHI (Sweden) and president-elect of the IAHS, visited the lab in July 2019 to explore potential collaborations.

Autumn 2019 saw a string of visitors in quick succession. Bart Nijssen (Univeristy of Washington, USA), Adrian Harpold (University of Nevada, USA) and David Hannah (University of Birmingham, UK) all visited Canada as part of the University of Saskatchewan Global Institute for Water Security Distinguished Lecture Series and found time to visit Canmore for a few days as well.

We got to welcome three early career researchers for longer stays, two of which during autumn. Keirnan Fowler (University of Melbourne, Australia) visited for two weeks to initiate collaboration on model benchmarking. PhD candidate Lina Stein (University of Bristol, UK) joined us for a three-month research visit to investigate flood generating processes in North America. Lina’s supervisor Ross Woods (University of Bristol, UK) visited us for a week during Lina’s research visit.

January 2020 saw few visitors, presumably because Alberta had the honor of being one of the coldest places on the planet for a while. Things picked back up in February when Manuela Brunner (National Center for Atmospheric Research, US) joined us for a three week visit to share thoughts on dominant flood generating processes and the capabilities of current hydrologic models to represent these. Around the same time, Dmitri Kavetski (University of Adelaide, Australia) included Canmore as one of the stops on his research tour.

In early February, Canmore was also the home of a Global Water Futures: Core Modelling Geospatial Intelligence meeting that brought together two dozen research personnel to discuss ways to improve model workflows and code sharing, large-domain parameter estimation and model benchmarking efforts across GWF. Luis Samaneigo (University of Leipzig, Germany) was the plenary speaker at this meeting, where he shared his insights on multiscale parameter regionalization.

We saw our last visitors in early March, when Andy Wood and Naoki Mizukami (NCAR, US) visited us for several days of intense discussions. This visit advances Martyn’s work with Naoki in developing version 2 of the mizuRoute routing model, expanding the team to include our team member Shervan Gharari to incorporate lakes and reservoirs in mizuRoute.

We’re all looking forward to transitioning to the “new normal” and future interactions with the international science community, in whatever form these interactions may take! Stay safe everyone!


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